Monday, May 6, 2013

Grace by Max Lucado

My husband has been a Max Lucado fan for probably as long as we've been married, which is a little over 18 years.  Those of you who know me know I'm not a huge non-fiction fan, so I would always let DH read all the non-fiction books, like those written by Max Lucado, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, etc.  He would share a truth here or there and that would show me the kind of writer the author was.

As I matured (notice I did not say grew older), I would read non-fiction related more towards women, especially if I was in a Bible study or ladies group for our church.  There were authors I enjoyed such as Victoria Osteen, Joyce Meyers, believe it or not, T.D. Jakes books towards women were really good as well.  I still stayed away from the mainstream authors like Max Lucado.

Or, that is I did until about two years ago.  When I started blogging and reviewing books, the first publishing house I became affiliated with was Thomas Nelson, which published non-fiction.  When a chance came to review my first Max Lucado book, I confess, I signed up to review it more for my husband then for me.  I read it, not really expecting to like it; however, Max Lucado writes like he could be a friend of mine and we are having a conversation.  He has a dry sense of humor and a way of looking at things that I greatly appreciate.

He has you look at things in different ways that are fascinating to new Christians and eye opening for older, more seasoned Christians who may have grown jaded when reading these types of books.

Grace by Max Lucado is no exception to this style of writing.  He made me smile and made me look at Grace in new ways.  Now, if you are looking for something deeply intellectual, D. L. Moody, or something constantly picking apart the Greek and Hebrew meanings of the words, then this is not the book for you.  I wouldn't call this bubble gummy, but neither would I call it earth shattering.  In my opinion, Max just wants you to look at these topics from a different perspective that might move them from head knowledge to heart knowledge.

His stories help put this in perspective as he explains that Grace is something that God freely gives, but we are reluctant to receive.  This is a solid book.  Is it one that totally rocked my world?  No.  Is it one that I would recommend to someone who was having trouble understanding that God has forgiven them and has extended Grace.  Absolutely.

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